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Cardiovascular Disease

What is Cardiovascular disease?
Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is one of Australia's leading health problems and creates a significant health and financial burden across Australia.

CVD refers to diseases of the heart and blood vessels and includes conditions such as coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease heart failure, rheumatic heart disease and hypertension.

CVD was responsible for 46,000 deaths in Australian in 2009 (more than any other disease group).

The major risk factors for CVD are high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking, being overweight and obese, physical inactivity and poor nutrition. Two thirds of Queensland's cardiovascular burden of premature death and disability is due to the combined effect of these and other risk factors. These are all potentially preventable risk factors that can be effectively managed / monitored through appropriate management and targeted specialist testing and intervention.

For more information on CVD, please visit The National Heart Foundation.

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